“I can feel the heat closing in”

Since I couldn’t think of a title for today’s posting, I thought I’d use the first line from a famous novel: Burroughs’ Naked Lunch.

Today’s story is a little different, form-wise.  It takes the form of a blog.  The stuff in this story about military blogs, the MILbloggies, is factual.  I just happened to be poking around on the interweb for story ideas when I came across these military blogs; they’re fascinating.  It’s interesting to see what people will talk about when they’re at war.  I also found the site of a soldier who’d served as a fighter pilot over Afghanistan and served out her time in the military, only to return home and be killed by a freak accident: a tire blowing out in her lap while she was on vacation in Scotland.  On her blog, she has a final posting where she says she’s home safe and sound.

This begs the question, how many digital ghosts roam the long halls of the internet?  What happens to your blogs, Facebook, and email, etc., after you die?  How do we experience someone’s blog after they’re gone?

Food for thought.  Here’s the story:

April 7th

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